Our Company’s Mission


From start to finish, our crisis management group allows you to stay one step ahead of disaster by devising decisive strategies to identify and mitigate their occurrence. We provide the means to implement advanced planning, incorporate a robust response, build a recovery strategy, and implement an appropriate response.

Through a diversified workforce, it is our mission to provide tangible and sustainable outcomes for those in need of our crisis communication and public relations expertise. It is our mission to embrace transparency and welcome it as our ally. We will create a culture which utilizes ethical and moral values in our decision-making process and respect the privacy of our clients. We will always strive to be model citizens and uplift the global community for whom we serve.

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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Crisis Management Global, LLC is committed to offering its expertise to the future leaders of the world, our children. We will do this by offering lectures to colleges and universities for those students interested in crisis communications as it pertains to social media and the like as well as, reputation management, and brand management.

Crisis Management

Crisis Communication is an essential and specialized component of crisis management. It pertains to an individual’s or business’ reputation.

Crisis Communication Management’s goal is to protect the brand and reputation of an individual, organization, or business and impact its public image.

Crisis Management

Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment can be considered the backbone of any Business Continuity Plan. Its function is to identify potential hazards and risk factors that can cause physical and or emotional damage.

The goal of a thorough risk assessment is to identify, control and eliminate the risk.

Risk Assessment

(Online) Reputation Management (ORM)

Being able to formulate plans and strategies to influence public perception of an individual or business is key to the success of that individual or business via the internet. ORM is the engine that drives public opinion about an organization or business services or products.

(Online) Reputation Management (ORM)

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Because we are a global company, this opportunity is offered worldwide.
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How it works?


Challenges become issues. Issues become crises. Crises, if not prepared for, become tragedies and disasters.
When a disaster strikes, your business must bear the force of these events. Active shooters and cyberattacks are just a couple of crisis events which will leave your stakeholders vulnerable. By tailoring a business continuity plan specifically for your company needs, CRISIS MANAGEMENT GLOBAL will empower you to take control of the situation.
Our crisis and brand management expertise will allow you to effectively communicate with your employees and the community across all media channels.


A crisis can and will happen at any time, and when the news hits it will travel through the arteries of social media at the speed of light.


Our team is available to identify, mitigate, and reduce the occurrence or recurrence of corporate disasters.


When you work with CMG, we will strive to protect your reputation and preserve the confidence of your stakeholders & clientele.


We provide media training, seminar, and discussions regarding situational crises.


Members of our team have extensive experience in crisis response and management.